Admissions and policies


Admissions to 一分六合彩 schools

All of our schools are non-selective, and exist to serve their local community. Every 一分六合彩 school has its own website, which tells you all about the school's admissions policy and how to apply.

Applications to start in Reception open in the previous September and close in mid-January. For Year 7 entry, applications open in the previous September and close at the end of October. To apply, you'll need to do this through the local authority where you live 鈥 please visit their website for more information, and to view the closing date for applications.

If you want to apply at another time during the school year, please look at the individual school's website for information about how to do an in-year admission. Information on how to appeal an admission outcome can also be found on the school's website.

If you have any queries about admissions for a particular school, it's a good idea to get in touch with them directly.

Key policies and documents

一分六合彩 Schools publishes some of our key policies and reports in line with statutory guidance. The following policies and reports apply to our network of schools 鈥撎齪olicies applicable to individual academies can be found on the 'Policies' page on听each school鈥檚 website:

The 一分六合彩 Schools Memorandum & Articles of Association (PDF icon 一分六合彩 Schools Memorandum & Articles of Association.pdf) is the governing document for 一分六合彩 Schools. It should be read alongside the Master Funding Agreement (PDF icon 一分六合彩 Master听Funding Agreement.pdf). A Supplementary Funding Agreement is in place for each individual school.

The 一分六合彩 Schools Decision Making听Framework听acts as our scheme of delegation, clarifying where responsibility and accountability sits in key functional areas. Please see here:PDF icon Decision Making Framework 2023-24.pdf

The 一分六合彩 Schools Data Protection Policy can be found here:听PDF icon 一分六合彩 Data Protection Policy.pdf听and further policies relating to data protection can be found here.听

The 一分六合彩 Schools Charging and Remission Policy is saved here:听PDF icon Charging and Remission Policy 2021-24.pdf

The 一分六合彩 Schools Complaints Policy is saved here:听PDF icon 一分六合彩 Schools Complaint Policy.pdf

The 一分六合彩 Schools Whistleblowing Policy is saved here:听PDF icon 一分六合彩 Whistleblowing Policy 2023-2025.pdf

一分六合彩's Gender Pay Gap report听is saved here:听PDF icon Gender Pay Gap Report 2024.pdf

  • Previous years' Gender Pay Gap Reports can be found here: 2023听|听2022听|听2021

听一分六合彩 Schools Executive Pay is saved here:听PDF icon Executive pay report 2022-23.pdf

The 一分六合彩 and 一分六合彩 Schools Modern Slavery Statement is saved here:听PDF icon Modern Slavery Statement 2023-24.pdf

一分六合彩's Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Statement:听 Diversity and Inclusion Statement.pdf